Greetings from Christchurch!

Not to disrupt you from Sunday afternoon football (go Bears!), but I thought I would say hello from beautiful (ly rainy) Christchurch, NZ.

It turns out that Kyle and I had the shortest possible route to Christchurch from the US. We ran into many people that were flying through Sydney, and even Tokyo! Our flights went off without a hitch, and we arrived on Saturday morning. We’ve spent two days trying to find decent food and drinks, which are few and far between these days. For those who have been to Christchurch in the past, the earthquakes of 2011 have dramatically altered the landscape and feeling of the town. Even in comparison to last year, there are more buildings demolished, many shops out of business, and a dearth of tourists.

This morning our alarm was set for 4am to catch the shuttle to the airport, but a kindly phone call at 3:30 let us know that we could sleep in for another 24 hours. So here we are. Hunkered down in McDonalds, enjoying lattes and free wifi – which, like good beer, is scarce.  It seems like the rain will continue for the next few days, so fingers crossed that the weather in McMurdo clears up and we can get out of here.

Until then, the hunt for good refreshments continues.


3 responses to “Greetings from Christchurch!”

  1. Jim Dugan says :

    Good hunting and enjoy Christchurch.

  2. Jon & Sharron Potadle says :

    Hey, Hilary! We are watching your blogs from deep in the heartland of the U.S. What an adventure you are having. Good to see you looking so happy in the pictures. Stay warm!! Jon & Sharron Potadle

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