I am finally done with all the things I have been using as excuses for not writing my first blog post, so…

Hello everyone!

There isn’t much (if anything) Hilary hasn’t covered about our trip logistics so I’m gonna do some editorials on my experiences as a rookie traveler. I’ll start with a chronological top ten list of the firsts I’ve experienced in the last five days.

1. Flown alone on an airplane


(ORD to LAX)

2. Traveled out of North America

3. Crossed the Pacific

4. Had something confiscated at customs (pizza)

5. Visited NZ


(Christchurch Botanical Gardens)

6. Drank a Coke with my name on it


(I taste delicious)

7. Been Fitted for survival gear


(My own gently used goosedown jacket)

8. Crossed the Southern Ocean

9. Landed on an Antarctic ice shelf!!  (Hilary has some great pics of me lookin’ tubby)

10. Sat through anything referred to as a “briefing” (this only made the list because I felt like I was in Avatar)

Life is pretty good right now.



6 responses to “Introductions”

  1. Marian Cronin says :

    awesome…enjoy, and keep posting!

  2. Jim Dugan says :

    A Kyle Coke? How’d you manage that!

  3. Norene says :

    I love your blog, keep posting!

  4. Carol Cronin says :

    This is way too cool Kyle!

  5. Pat Ruhl says :

    Really cool! Pictures are beautiful!!

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