On the ice

Clearly we have made it to McMurdo safe and sound. However, the downside to flying on an Airbus vs. a C17 is that your cargo does not travel with you. So really, the question is: would you rather have clothes or windows? Judging by these pictures, I’d be hard pressed not to say windows. The view was spectacular.

Taylor Valley

Out the window

Arriving on the airbus

The airbus landed on the sea ice outside of McMurdo.  However, after only four C17 flights this season, it has been determined that the sea ice is too thin for the larger/heavier C17s. Therefore, we wait as ‘Pegasus’, the ice shelf runway, is made ready. Fingers crossed for tomorrow.

Other than that, our days have been full of training sessions. We hope to get out to the Valleys next week!


4 responses to “On the ice”

  1. Katie W. says :

    You pictures are incredible! 🙂 So glad that you both made it there safely! Looking forward to more updates and pictures!!!

  2. Kathy Welch says :

    Hummm, windows or gear? Good point. With views like that, I’d say I would rather have windows.

  3. Norene says :

    Beautiful views but I would rather my clothes!!

  4. hilarydugan says :

    Day 5: At this point, I really want some clothes.

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