Glacier Berries

We arrived at Lake Hoare in Taylor Valley today.  The views from our helicopter ride were breathtaking.  I was told by the pilot that we were flying in the “Lamborghini of helicopters”.  Pretty posh for a first helo ride.

After setting up camp we set off to nearby Canada Glacier to collect glacier berries for drinking water.


Canada Glacier

Glacier berries are all the little chunks of calved ice at the foot of the glacier.  We had to break down some of the larger ones into sizes small enough to carry, which meant we got to test out our brand new ice chisels!  The photos explain the rest.

Breaking glacier berries  

Our berries

The berry patch

Making water!




4 responses to “Glacier Berries”

  1. Dad says :

    At least you don’t need a filter! Is that the cleanest water on earth?
    Not sure if you got my reply to the previous post “Happy Camper” (did not see it register as a comment on the blog)
    Glad your initiation was a success (you survived!)
    I was thinking about what it must have been like for the early explorers (1900’s) without all the technology we have access to today. Glad you don’t have to work under those conditions (you are more likely to come back with all your fingers and toes intact)

    • croninkyle says :

      We don’t need a filter, you are right, but we use one anyway. There is still sediment in the ice. The water tastes pretty good without the filter. Its not the cleanest water on earth, but definitely some of the oldest I’ll ever get the chance to drink.

      I was having the same thoughts about the early explorers and I don’t understand how any of them survived. My snow school instructor said to us, “It’s a full-time job down here just keeping yourself healthy and warm”. She was right. Add to that constant travel, hunger, morale issues and faulty gear… I don’t think I would have fared well either.

  2. Norene says :

    This is fantastic! I am so impressed

  3. Pat Ruhl says :

    I love all the photos!! It is all so beautiful. I’m glad you survived the night…a great experience, as they all are!

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