Hiking ‘The Defile’

Last Sunday, finished with our work and desperately in need of a shower, Hilary and I decided to hike to Lake Hoare.  The hike took us along the the path mapped below:

Route to Hoare

We took our ATV to the eastern edge of Lake Bonney and hiked 5.5 miles east across Mummy and Popplewell Ponds, through ‘The Defile’ and down to Lake Hoare.

The whole hike was nice, but The Defile was something exceptional. The Defile is a narrow passage between the edge of Suess Glacier and the steep ridge to its south no more than 20′ across.

View through The Defile

It was an incredible experience hiking that close along the face of a glacier.  There are not many places in the world that it’s safe enough to do this.  Hilary took some great photos through here (my camera battery died) so a big thank you to her.


An aside from Hilary:

The word ‘defile’ is most commonly used as a verb, meaning to sully. However, it is also a noun, and is defined as : A steep-sided, narrow gorge or passage (originally one requiring troops to march in single file).


6 responses to “Hiking ‘The Defile’”

  1. MaryBee says :

    I know 2 girls that would have loved this hike what a tremendous photo of the Defile

  2. Denise says :

    looks great..I want to know more about Suess Glacier..is it near Suessville?? Is there a cat in a hat???? Green Eggs and Spam????Probably no ham there, and the eggs are so old they are Green..:o)) What about the whos???
    Looks wonderful..thanks for the great pics..

  3. Denise says :

    Ok. is Doran Glacier named after anyone you know??

  4. Pat Ruhl says :

    Glad to hear from you guys. What a cool hike!! Hope you are staying warm!!

  5. Norene says :

    The pictures are great. Will youe get to see the Who’s from Whoville?

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