Lessons from Lake Miers: Part I

When you get dropped off at a remote tent camp and your meticulously packed toolbag fails to make the trip, you can accomplish almost everything you need to do with your trusty leatherman and a piece of rope.

However, a leatherman is not, and will never be, a bung wrench.

For that you need a (broken) cargo strap, a tent peg, and a little ingenuity. Thanks Kyle. Maybe I brought the right guy to the field after all (see post: Kyle repairing his water bottle).


2 responses to “Lessons from Lake Miers: Part I”

  1. Dad says :

    Wow; tool bag fails to make the trip! Could have been tough without you two being resourceful. Stay safe.

  2. Denise says :

    Good going..I am impressed with both of you:o))

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