Huffin’ for stuffin’

The first two-day weekend of the year has come and gone, and what a weekend it was. Kyle and I were able to spend (American) Thanksgiving in McMurdo. We caught up with old friends, ate ourselves silly, and managed to bust out a 5k in a respectable time. I think we were both thankful for the break.



After recovering from our morning trot, we took part in a fantastic walk along the pressure ridges that form where the McMurdo Ice Shelf pushes into Ross Island. We were blessed with sun and warm weather, and a beautiful view of Mt. Erebus.

Pressure ridges on the McMurdo Ice Shelf

Mount Erebus puffing away in the distance

The rest of the evening was spent dancing the night away. It’s a harsh continent.


4 responses to “Huffin’ for stuffin’”

  1. MaryBee says :

    Mt. Erebus Is Obviously an active volcano. Given the activity in NZ are there vpulcanlologists studying this one?
    Nice shots – the photos, I mean…

  2. Marian Cronin says :

    I love reading your (and Kyle’s) posts – thanks for keeping us updated; it’s fascinating!

  3. Denise says :

    So glad you were able to enjoy time off..great photos..Have you made snowmen yet??? Or snow angels???

  4. Peter D. says :

    What do your t-shirts say? I can’t read them,

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