Diving at Lake Fryxell

This season, B511 has been collaborating with a group of divers from New Zealand. The researchers have been diving at Lake Fryxell for the last three weeks, studying the microbial mats that coat the bottom of the lake. I was fortunate enough to stop by Fryxell, and help pull Tyler out of the lake.

Tyler Mackey after a dive

Video footage of the lake bottom is astounding. It’s hard to eloquently describe the scene, as it is easily another world down there. The microbial mats change colour, texture and shape and one moves from the shallow/bright areas to the deeper depths of the lake.

Please check out Tyler’s blog if you have time, http://cyanobacterialadventures.blogspot.com/


4 responses to “Diving at Lake Fryxell”

  1. MaryBee says :

    Wow! That’s amazing – I checked out Tyler and Anne Jungblut’s blog. What amazing research everyone’s doing

  2. Denise says :

    What a great adventure..diving in Antarctica seems like an oxymoron. Awesome research..

  3. Dan Jorgensen says :

    Awesome stuff! Would love to go diving there. I checked out Tyler’s blog as well and the clarity under the ice on Tyler’s McMurdo Sound dive is just beautiful! Thanks for sharing that link. Your photos of Mt. Erebus are great. Where’s all that blizzardy, horrible weather Antarctica is so well known for?

  4. Lulu says :

    Whoah. You have to be totally crazy to dive there. But I guess everyone you’re likely to meet in McMurdo is probably at least a little crazy.

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