So long Taylor Valley

Dec 15th. Our last day in the field. Compared to Oct 15th, we’re a few pounds heavier, a little bit stronger, and a whole lot warmer. We’ve accomplished what we came to do, so it’s time to head back to McMurdo one last time. Adios Taylor Valley, we’ll miss you.



4 responses to “So long Taylor Valley”

  1. Denise says :


  2. Peter D says :

    What the heck are you doing a way out there? Looks a lot wetter than when I left.

  3. Ralph Keiser, Kyle's Uncle Ralph says :

    Hilary and Kyle, I have really enjoyed your postings. I have learned a lot about a very remote place on earth, and I very much appreciate your having taken the time to write regular updates on your log. Have a safe trip back home. And enyoy the holidays with your families, having been gone from them for three months.

  4. Pat Ruhl says :

    Thanks for sharing!! Merry Christmas, Hilary!

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