A week at Trout Lake

The days are getting shorter and thoughts of Antarctica are in the air. With the field season only two months away, logistic season is upon me. Luckily, I was able to spend the week with more temperate limnologists and avoid thoughts of looming deadlines.

Limnologists in their element

Limnologists in their element

I am fortunate to be part of a PhD fellowship program spawned by GLEON, a grassroots association of limnologists. The aim of the fellowship is to
train graduate students to exploit the rich information content of large and diverse data sets, operate effectively in diverse international teams, and communicate outcomes to a broad range of audiences

All cylinders firing

All cylinders firing

A mouthful. But an important one. In my field we collect a lot of data. This field season we will be instrumenting our lakes with the latest and greatest equipment so we can sample MORE lake characteristics MORE frequently. Collecting data is easy. Managing it is hard.

Faces of science

Faces of science

This past week was spent at the Trout Lake field station operated by the University of Wisconsin (one of the birth places of limnology… but you already knew that). Over five days, twelve graduate students met to work on our collaborative projects begun in January. We attended talks on Bayesian statistics, code sharing, and data management. In five days, the productivity was unbelievable. It’s amazing the output of graduate students when you stick them in a forest with free food.

Trout Lake

Trout Lake

I could write about my experience with these incredible scientists at length. But to keep it short, it was certainly an event that inspired us all to be better researchers. Thank you to Paul Hanson and Kathie Weathers for the vision of leading this program, and NSF for the foresight to fund it.

(photos by Grace Hong)


3 responses to “A week at Trout Lake”

  1. Mary Bawden says :

    Great blog Hil Mom

  2. Denise says :

    Amazing…Love to follow the what and where. I may not understand it..but love to follow along..:o))

  3. Katie W. says :

    I’m incredible behind on reading this…Gorgeous picture of the lake!!!

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