Exploring McLane Research Labs


Luke examines the new RAS

This fall, our Antarctic team will be installing new instruments in Lake Bonney in order to measure water chemistry and biologic productivity year-round. These will be the first measurements of the Taylor Valley lakes during the Antarctic winter.

The instruments are made by a McLane Research Laboratories, a small company based near Wood Hole, MA, who specialize in oceanographic sampling equipment (but lakes are equally important). This week, part of our team visited McLane for training on our new water samplers prior to deployment in Antarctica.

Before we even touched our new equipment, the group of limnologists couldn’t help drooling over McLane’s 50′ test tank and associated 1-ton power winches. Back home, we’re stuck testing underwater equipment in sinks, or varsity swimming pools if we’re lucky.

Tank envy

We all wondered: How do you build a 50′ test tank?
Answer: Forethought
You build your factory around the tank. Too bad that universities don’t operate that way.

Building a test tank

Building a test tank





2 responses to “Exploring McLane Research Labs”

  1. Luke Winslow says :

    I thought there was some antarctic winter expedition to the valleys back in the 60’s. Or did they not sample the lakes?

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